Hello Almaden residents:

Some very good news (and fun pictures) to share.

The Charity Sale to benefit LLS organized by Mary last week end in Almaden managed to raise $1,500 last week-end. This amount will be matched up to 100% thank to a generous contribution from Apple Inc.

Hats off to Mary, her husband, all Almaden Valley donators and buyers. Way to start 2012!

@Almaden_Valley (on Twitter)

PS: Here are some pictures which attest to the scale of the effort and donations:

Mary’s Garage before the Sale!

Mary’s Open House early in the morning

Mary’s Garage at the end of the day…

One Response to Charity Sale in Almaden Valley to benefit Leukemia Society – Part II

  1. Mary Cannon says:

    Hi Sophia, Thank you so much for the nice article about my sale. It was such a great experience and I appreciate your support and encouragement!!
    - Mary

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