Dear Almaden Valley Residents:

We need your help…again because saving a life is always worth it.

I urge you to brave the elements and stop by Marni and Carra’s Charity Sale in the Almaden Winery neighborhood tomorrow morning between 8am-12pm at 5688 Croydon Ave., San Jose CA 95118.

These 2 ladies with the help of friends, neighbors and family have gathered incredible stuff for sale (kids’clothes, toys, books and more) for the benefit of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

You will be welcomed with donuts, a coffee and the nice and welcoming smiles of the hosts and organizers. When I stopped by this morning, many others like me were here to help and support or simply to bargain hunt.

Before enjoying the 49ers’ game tomorrow afternoon, wherever you are in Almaden, just make a small detour and give those who suffer a chance to enjoy many more games as well.

Please spread the word and God Bless.

@Almaden_Valley (on Twitter)

Meet the hosts: Marni and Carra…

Almaden, take your pick!

One Response to Saving Lives in Almaden Valley

  1. Mary Cannon says:

    Great work, Ladies!!

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