Almaden Valley, ready to toast?

Last week, I had one of the most exciting learning experiences since I left school.

My business partner Chuck and I attended one of the regular meetings of the Almaden Toastmaster Club. I met there a group of nice and welcoming people, focused, organized and very serious about the business of improving their public speaking skills.

Unlike Law School, I did not cross the path of over-sized ego personalities dealing with the “Me-Me syndrome”. Just regular Almaden and Non-Almaden folks like you and me coming from many San Jose neighborhoods.

As a resident alien myself (did I mention I was French?), eternal learner and always seeking to get better at everything I do (my own syndrome!), I really felt good for making the effort to attend this meeting in spite of my crazy agenda. As a result, I have decided to join this honorable assembly on a regular basis with a view not just to perfect my oral English but also better apprehend the American culture.

The way you talk is like the way you walk: it tells a lot about you….Toast, anyone?

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