Hello Almaden Valley:

I though I would share a few things I learnt while attending the last meeting of the Almaden Valley Community Association at the Almaden Valley Community Center a few weeks ago.

The main topic of discussion was the upcoming commercial development of the Almaden Ranch Project at the NE corner of Almaden Expwy and Hwy 85.

The discussion kicked off with a point about more placing emphasis towards pedestrian traffic and more retail frontage on Almaden Expwy and Cherry Ave. I also understood from the discussion that the center will be made up of one-story buildings, which will measure 20-25 feet in height.

Significant discussion was heard over the hoped for connection to the adjoining Chynoweth neighborhood by way of a pedestrian bridge over the creek between these two areas.  It was stated that the environmental impact study countered with the fear that such a bridge would create additional shading over the creek that would be detrimental to the fish. Several people also addressed the current fact of there being a large encampment of homeless in this creek area.

At any rate, this area would be cleaned out and changed into a greenbelt to provide temporary drainage capacity required because of the significant ground area that is to be covered with buildings or asphalt.

Overall, lots of environment and safety concerns still to be discussed and presented to the San Jose Planning Commission in about one month from now.

Just for the record, here is a map from above of the Almaden Ranch Retail Project.

If you have any updates, comments, issues about this project, we want to hear from you.

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