Hello Almaden Valley:

I thought I would share my latest shopping experience at the new Wal-Mart store on Almaden Expressway.

Confidence for confidence, since I left Germany, I turned into a savings and a coupons’ specialist. I must say that I have been practising ever since I arrived in San Jose, managing several trips to the other Wal Mart stores in the San Jose area along with some of the top savings destinations in San Jose (that’s for another blog by the way…).

So, Yes, I finally swinged by the new Wal-Mart store on Almaden Expressway for the first time last Saturday.

Bottom line: I was honestly pleasantly surprised.

First and foremost, I did not have any issues finding a parking space. OK. Maybe I expected the worse and it turned out to be all smooth.

Next, I enter the store and find a clean, well lit and organized store with lots of brand names on the shelves. I have to say that I was particularly impressed by the Produce aisle. Fruits and vegetables looked very attractive. Even the French cook in me was appealed by these products.

You should be aware that the store is smaller than the usual Wal Mart, but this should not stop you as they carry an unusally large selection of brand names in such a small space.

I  would also like to call out the staff, very helpful, simply nice. Check out was fast and easy. Overall, a serendipitous shopping experience, even on a Saturday afternoon with 100°F  outside.

Chad, keep it up and hope to see around my next shopping trip!


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